Getting a Library Card

Getting a Library Card


The Charlestown-Clark County Libraries welcome any individual into the library facilities. In order to obtain a library card and borrow materials and use other services, an individual shall:

  • Be a resident, business, or property owner in Clark County, Indiana, outside Jeffersonville Township
  • Be a resident of any library district that has signed the Indiana Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement and have a valid library card from his/her home district. Except Jeffersonville Township because of an individual agreement to honor residents of either district.
  • Be an Indiana non-county resident with a valid Public Library Access Card (PLAC)
  • Be an Indiana non-county resident who pays an annual fee based on per capita costs
  • Be a student enrolled or a teacher employed in any school or school district in the library district with an Indiana residence. Card is valid for the school year.
  • Be residing in the library district on a temporary basis. The fee is $1.00 and a refundable cash deposit of $25.00 validates a card for two (2) months.


To obtain a physical library card please present the following:

  • A current/accurate Indiana driver’s license or state identification. If lacking either of these, any type of current/accurate government-issued photo ID will be accepted.

IF the form of identification is NOT an Indiana driver’s license or Indiana State ID, the potential patron MUST ALSO present one of the following items for proof of address:

  • Current employee identification card
  • Current voter’s registration card
  • Phone, electric or any other utility bill (recent)
  • Lease, rental, mortgage papers (recent)
  • Tax payment receipt (current year)
  • Current Car registration with your name and address

Applicants under 18 years of age must have a parent or responsible party sign the application and present the forms of identification listed above.

The application process includes signing and agreeing to a contract responsibility statement as authorized by I.C. 36-12-3-6 and I.C. 35-43-4-3.5.

PLAC cards are issued to Indiana residents in accordance with I.C 4-23-7.1-5.1 Changes of address and other pertinent information shall be reported in a timely manner to the library.


  • Library cards are issued as the responsibility of the card holder.
  • Lost cards are to be reported immediately.
  • Inactive cards will be deleted from the system after one year of inactivity.
  • Library cards are not transferable. The bearer must be the person whose name appears on the card record unless prior arrangement has been approved.
  • Library cards may be used at all units of the Charlestown-Clark County Public Library.
  • A $1.00 replacement fee will be charged for lost cards.

ONLINE BORROWER CARD (online products only)
• Existing library card holders should use the information from that card to access electronic resources.
• Indiana residents who meet the above "eligible library users" requirements can apply for an online only borrower card by filling out the Online Borrower Registration application.
• This online borrower card will allow the user access to online products only. For unlimited access to all of the library's resources, please visit one of our branches for a physical library card.

New Resident, adult 18 or older Driver’s license and property tax receipt, utility bill, current mail w/ address   Three months, then change to resident, adult
New Resident under 18 Ages 5-17 School ID or ID from responsible party   Three months, then change to resident under 18
Resident, adult 18 or older Driver’s license, property tax receipt, utility bill, current mail w/ address   Annual
Resident under 18 Ages 5-17 School ID or ID from responsible party   Annual
Reciprocal   ID plus home library card   Annual
PLAC   ID plus home library card annually Annual from the date of purchase
Non-resident, adult 18 or older Current ID annually Annual from the date of purchase
Non-resident under 18 Ages 5-17   annually Annual from the date of purchase
Student       Annually in May
Teacher       Annually in May
Temporary     $1.00 fee, $25.00 cash refundable deposit Every 2 months
Staff       Annual
Board member       Annual
Corporate Tax receipt, letterhead or other supporting corporate docs     Annual
Non-Profit org. Supporting documentation indicating Clark County location     Annual
In house tracking