Mobile Hotspot

Mobile Hotspot Policy

mobile hotspot

Available at every branch location

Limit 1 mobile hotspot per adult card in good standing. Library card must be presented at time of checkout.

Nonrefundable $30 cash fee upon checkout for a 30-day period from the day it is checked out

A 3-day test period is given to make sure the mobile hotspot works at your location.

Renewal: Patron must present complete mobile hotspot to the checkout desk. If there are no pending hold requests, the mobile hotspot may be checked out by the patron for a $30 cash fee for a 30-day period from the day it is checked out.

$5 late fee for each day past due date

Mobile hotspot must be returned in person to the checkout desk. $10 fee will be charged if mobile hotspot is returned in the drop box.

Unlimited data

The mobile hotspots can be placed on hold through the library catalog by searching "hotspot".

Contact the library at 812-256-3337.

Patron is responsible for costs associated with the loss or damage of the mobile hotspot and/or accessories

  • mobile hotspot unit: $75
  • power cord and adaptor: $10
  • case: $15
  • total replacement: $100